Sunday Lunch in Mumbai: get cozy at CIRQA Lower Parel.

When monsoon clouds gather and Mumbai’s streets shimmer with fresh rain, there's no better refuge for a cozy Sunday lunch in Mumbai than CIRQA in Lower Parel. Nestled in the historic Todi Mills area, this two-storey haven offers a culinary journey through Bombay's past and its dynamic future. From steamed jackfruit curry wontons to Nihari…

Sunday Lunch in Mumbai: get cozy at CIRQA Lower Parel cover

When the monsoon clouds gather and Mumbai’s streets sparkle with fresh rain, there’s no better refuge for Sunday lunch in Mumbai than CIRQA restaurant and bar in Lower Parel.

Nestled in the historic Todi Mills area (with valet service!), this two-storey dining room, patio and hidden bar haven offers a culinary experience that bridges Bombay's illustrious past with its dynamic future, all while keeping you warm and cozy inside.

When your Sunday lunch in Mumbai Becomes A Culinary Journey Through Time

CIRQA’s menu is a testament to Mumbai’s web of cultural influences in food, and a perfectly versatile menu for Sunday lunch in Mumbai. Whether you’re in the mood for South Indian flavours or a more continental approach, Mughlai inspired bites or Indo-Chinese inspired dishes, each plate is designed not just to satisfy your palate but to tell a story—a narrative taken from the city's history, its bustling markets, and its cosmopolitan spirit. The concept behind their offerings, aptly named "Bombay And The World," encapsulates this journey through time and taste.

Starters That Set The Stage for your Sunday lunch in Mumbai

Begin your rainy Sunday lunch with an array of appetizers (Signature Smalls) and the best bar snacks, that immediately transport you into a world for Mumbai foodies to enjoy both tradition meets innovation. The steamed jackfruit curry wontons are a creative twist on classic dim sum, blending local ingredients with Asian techniques—perfect for warming up on a chilly day.

Main Courses With A Story for your Sunday lunch in Mumbai

As you move on to the main courses, each dish continues to unfold Bombay's tale. Take for instance the Nihari Featuring Focaccia—a perfect marriage between slow-cooked Indian stew and Italian bread made in-house that speaks volumes about Mumbai’s global connections. This hearty dish is ideal for savouring as you watch raindrops fall against CIRQA's large windows.

The Lobster tail bisque emulsion offers a luxurious start, reminiscent of coastal feasts yet grounded in contemporary culinary techniques.

The Tangra Street Jhol, inspired by Kolkata's famed Chinese-Indian cuisine, brings forth memories of bustling food streets and aromatic spice markets—comfort food at its finest for those rainy afternoons.

For Vegetarians and those who prefer lighter fare, CIRQA’s selection of unique vegetarian flatbreads or pide showcases how traditional recipes can be reimagined with modern flair. For more comforting options, dishes like the creamy Mushroom Trip or Pumpkin Risotto are fantastic options which will compete with the best continental restaurants in Mumbai. These dishes are not just meals but conversations between old-world charm and new-age sophistication.

Pumpkin Risotto for Lunch at CIRQA, restaurant in Lower Parel

End your Sunday lunch in Mumbai with Desserts To Remember

No meal at CIRQA and no Sunday lunch in Mumbai would be complete without indulging in our Sweet Finish section. Each sweet offering is crafted to leave a lasting impression—be it through innovative flavors or nostalgic favorites given a fresh twist.

The Perfect Date, A Best-selling Dessert for Lunch at CIRQA, restaurant in Lower Parel

An Atmosphere Like No Other

The ambiance at CIRQA plays an integral role in enhancing your Sunday lunch in Mumbai and overall dining experience during monsoon season. On the ground floor, you’ll find yourself enveloped in a relaxed setting where natural light filters through rain-speckled windows—making it perfect for leisurely business meetings or Sunday lunches with family sheltered from the downpour outside. As you ascend to the first floor, the atmosphere transforms into an intimate escape—dimly lit and filled with cozy nooks ideal for sipping on one of their many innovative cocktails while listening to nature's symphony outside.

Cocktails That Captivate

Who said a Sunday Lunch in Mumbai shouldn’t include cocktails?

CIRQA’s cocktail bar program (team c. 1960) pays homage to significant milestones in Mumbai's history while pushing boundaries with inventive concoctions perfect for rainy days. Whether you're drawn to classics redefined or entirely new creations featuring exotic ingredients from around the globe like spiced hot toddies or warming mulled wines—there’s something here for every discerning drinker seeking comfort during monsoon showers.

Photographer: Assad Dadan | Copyright: Assad Dadan,


A cozy rainy Sunday lunch at CIRQA Lower Parel is more than just a meal; it’s an immersive experience that captures both warmth within and beauty outside during Mumbai's beloved monsoon season—from starters that tantalize your taste buds to main courses steeped in cultural narratives and desserts that linger long after they’re gone—every aspect is meticulously crafted to offer both delight and nostalgia amidst nature's gentle downpour.

So next rainy Sunday in Mumbai let yourself be swept away by stories told through each bite at CIRQA—a place where every dish is an ode not just to Bombay but also embraces those magical moments when raindrops dance on windowpanes!

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