Welcome to c. 1960,
Bombay's worst kept secret.

Discover our "anti-speakeasy" bar c. 1960 - a hidden gem open to the public, without any gimmicks

Need a special den for date nights or a catch-up with your best friends? 1960 is the spot for you. Tucked away upstairs but open for dinner reservations and walk-ins, the 1960 cocktail bar is also available for private dining and event hire.

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Open to all, unless you want it all to yourself? We do that too.

When you come to CIRQA, ask any of us where 1960 is, and you’ll see a mysterious smile. Hidden but not-so-hidden, a slick door leads you to a dramatic wooden staircase. Our “anti-speakeasy” cocktail bar venue on the second floor is a sophisticated venue in the heart of Mumbai for curated parties, launches, and events.

Why 1960, you ask? It is an homage to the year Mumbai became the capital of Maharashtra, and the year the first international Air India flight took off from the city, taking Mumbai to the world, and bringing the world to the city. Talk about an iconic backdrop to host an event in the present day!


Don't take our word for it!

CIRQA has been enjoying a whole lot of love and pats-on-the-back ever since we opened doors for our guests and friends... Well, who doesn't like compliments? Here are some of the warm, fuzzy things people are saying about us.

CIRQA’s attention to detail takes on a tall order... A drinking venue with a vibrant food menu, Mumbai’s new bar at Todi Mills goes for glory one cocktail and bar bite at a time. If you do happen to come up that spiral staircase and see a hungry-looking character indulging in bourbon and butter, we’ll be fast friends if you grab a seat at the bar.

Reimagined Indian cuisine meets innovative cocktails at Mumbai's new restaurant and bar... Spread across two storeys, CIRQA offers a relaxed dining experience on the ground floor and an intimate and cosy vibe at its dimly lit bar featuring brick walls on the first floor. If you’re looking for a place to unwind after work, for your next date night or for a casual hang-out session with friends and family, you’ll want to bookmark this!

CIRQA by The Busride in Todi Mills weaves the charm of erstwhile Bombay with an evocative twist. Instead of delving into nostalgia of the past, CIRQA’s interpretation goes beyond the confines of time. In Food & Beverage, Team #EDLoves the Flying Panda tequila-base cocktail, paired with duck prosciutto.