About us

A building dedicated to serious (but playful) F&B. A restaurant paying homage to Bombay and global culinary adventures, paired with a hidden cocktail-forward bar

The team at CIRQA strives to pair indulgent, can't-get-enough-of food with stunningly-crafted cocktails, all with a personal touch.

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The minds behind the madness

Can a restaurant pay homage to the cosmopolitan essence of Mumbai? That was the seed thought behind CIRQA, and the challenge our founders decided to take up.

CIRQA 1960 is the most recent passion project by Pankaj and Avinash Gupta, the brothers behind Taftoon, Oye Kake, and Café Haqq Se. Mixing their expertise in Indian hospitality concepts with inspiration from their travels, they were soon joined by Adele de Fontbrune, a culture-oriented entrepreneur with extensive experience working with food and beverage ventures in Paris and London. Add a few other brilliant minds and a lot of very passionate people and the project was born!

A standalone building, CIRQA 1960 was created in a former mill in Lower Parel, a subtle wink to the past of a city that now looks to the future. Many travellers may have found a home in Mumbai over the years, leaving some of their culinary traditions behind. True-to-form, Mumbai adapted and re-invented their flavours, a truly unique trait of its own adventure.

At CIRQA 1960, we hope to serve some of this heritage on a plate. Enjoy while sipping the time away.