A culinary play on Bombay’s past, while looking to the future - CIRQA Dining Room's "Bombay and the World" menu is perfectly complemented by c.1960's mighty cocktail program. Delivered by a united kitchen and bar team inspired by their city, balancing experiences comforting and new.

CIRQA 1960 brings you a menu inspired by Bombay and the World, and technique-driven cocktails, with a good dose of fun.

Our bartenders playfully mix quality ingredients and hand-picked liquors, to create smooth, innovative drinks. The result?
"Dangerously good" cocktails, as we like to call them.

A food menu so good, you'll even come on dry days

Suitable for both lunch and dinner, CIRQA’s diverse “Bombay and the World” menu offers familiar flavours inspired by the history of cosmopolitan Bombay, with a “no rule” cooking style. Try all of our creative plates or dig into our larger options of generous comfort food.

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A selection of appetizing dishes such as a grilled cheese sandich, vegetarian labneh, and risotto