Welcoming CIRQA Dining Room: A Playful Take on Bombay’s Culinary Heritage.

CIRQA Dining Room opens in Lower Parel with a menu inspired by both local Bombay tastes and global flavours

Restaurant food spread inspired by Bombay's culinary heritage

Team CIRQA is excited to bring you special experiences.

It’s finally time to welcome our latest addition, the CIRQA Dining Room!

Complete with a fresh new look and layout, the dining room is our ground floor restaurant. It is located in the heart of Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Feel immediately welcomed in our stylish Dining room space indoors, on the ground floor. You can also find your cozy corner in the beautiful outdoor patio. Most importantly, we know you’ll want to tuck into our indulgent menu inspired by “Bombay and the World”!

Who is behind CIRQA Dining Room?

Six months after the successful launch of c. 1960, our cocktail bar and events space, our co-founders are pleased to reveal their full-fledged restaurant concept in Lower Parel. The CIRQA 1960 and the CIRQA Dining Room concepts were launched by Flavour Pot Foods' brothers Pankaj and Avinash Gupta in collaboration with F&B entrepreneur Adele de Fontbrune. The team’s main inspiration was taken from Bombay’s culinary heritage – as well as its general cultural heritage!

So, what can you expect?

“With CIRQA Dining Room, we wanted to create Bombay's most exciting yet nostalgic foodie hub: a restaurant and neighborhood bar located in Lower Parel, Mumbai.”

In the menu, Bombay's journey through food appears through signature bites and indulgent plates.

What food can we expect at CIRQA Dining Room, Lower Parel?

The menu explores nostalgic favorites with a touch of Eastern influences. It nods to the grills of Persia and the masterfully hand-pulled noodles of Tangra in Kolkata, all in parallel to Bombay's inclination toward not-always-so-Italian pasta, and the city’s love for French baking techniques and of course, butter and cheese!

Labneh from Bombay, A Vegetarian delight at CIRQA 1960

All these elements pulled together to create an offering tailored for the diners of today's bustling Mumbai metropolis. It echoes the cultural diversity of Mumbai, paying homage to various migrant traditions.

What should one try, on their first visit at CIRQA Dining Room?

A few of the signature dishes include a take on the First Dumpling (Manti), Sesame Prawn Toast, Clams in Green Pepper Sauce, Mighty Kaliya Omelette, Nihari Featuring Foccacia, Miya Bhai Bolognese, Tangra Street Jhol, Labneh from Bombay and unique vegetarian flatbreads or pide.

CIRQA Bombay’s exciting menu inspired by Bombay and the World, mixing local flavours and global plates
CIRQA Dining Room’s “Mighty Kaliya Omelette”, a deceptively simple dish with rich and flavourful mutton gravy.

Each plate at CIRQA tells a story – we wish to encourage guests to embark on a fun, unpretentious food-led journey that encapsulates the daring and inspirational spirit of Bombay and the wider world.

Tangra Street Jhol: a street-food angle, inspired by Bombay’s love for Chinese food and the original Tangra Street in Kolkata

CIRQA 1960 transcends traditional dining, emerging as more than just a restaurant; it delivers a distinctive culinary journey, with a fully fledged restaurant on the ground floor and a hidden bar at the top. Celebrating the cultural diversity and culinary evolution of Mumbai, CIRQA seamlessly intertwines its rich culinary heritage with global influences, crafting an experience that is simultaneously nostalgic and forward-thinking.

Whether you're a foodie, a cocktail aficionado, or simply curious about Bombay's culinary heritage and current dining scene, we invite you to celebrate life's moments in style at CIRQA 1960.

We can’t wait to see you for a feast with your loved ones!

The CIRQA Dining Room is open every day (closed Tuesdays) for lunch and dinner.

For dining reservations, click here.

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